• Eagle Leather - Tan
  • Eagle Leather - Tan
  • Eagle Leather - Tan
  • Eagle Leather - Tan
  • Eagle Leather - Tan
  • Eagle Leather - Tan

Eagle Leather - Tan

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The Eagle is a strapping bird and happens to make for a fine patch on a cap. And of course, it's the national bird, so it serves multiple purposes as the focal point of our Eagle cap.

  • Debossed Leather Patch
  • Mesh Back Panel Construction
  • Snap Back Closure
  • Mid-Crown
  • Saxtwill Fabric - 65% Poly/35% Cotton, Meshback is 100% Polyester
  • B&O Side Hit
  • USA Made

Notes From the Designer:  
We knew we wanted an eagle in the collection from the beginning. With it, we're able to get the made in the USA point across in a subtle, indirect way. It's a stylized way of incorporating ideas of freedom and liberty without being in-your-face. This look is military surplus inspired, continuing with our line art for a classic look, this eagle was hand drawn, digitized, then reverse engineered to create the simple stencil effect.

About the Name:

The pressure of a name...Eagle started off as War Eagle after a historic mill and national craft fair destination in Northwest Arkansas (a great place to visit btw). War Eagle happens to also be the battle cry of Auburn, a sworn enemy of our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks...so, Eagle it is.

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