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Made from a soft, recycled cotton mix, this classic knit style will keep you warm and dry through all your cold-weather adventures. The Summit beanie features a leather patch made of American Leather tanned and stamped right here in the U.S. 

  • American Debossed Leather Patch
  • 100% Recycled Yarn
  • Lightweight eco2cotton™ Yarn
  • Cuff Length as Desired
  • USA Made 

Notes from the Designer:

Like a good bourbon, we wanted something that gets better with age. The patch is made of vegetable tanned leather and comes from St. Louis. This particular type of leather ages beautifully. With natural exposure to things like the sun, moisture, and oil, the color will grow richer and the finish smoother over time. 

American Native is run by a local guy who cuts, conditions, stamps, and waxes the patches before they’re put on the beanie. 

About the Name:

This was actually a nameless style for a long time. It wasn’t until our photographer took a trip to Colorado to shoot it that we were hit with inspiration. Colorado is well known for the beauty of its many snowy summits.


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