3 Creative Ideas for Hat Storage

3 Creative Ideas for Hat Storage

So your hat collection needs a stable place to live and you want it to look good - perhaps better than the blandness of a standard hat rack. Good news! We’ve got answers for your hat storage needs.

As with our line of hats, we’ll aim to provide hat storage ideas inspired by your passion for the outdoors. We hope these suggestions inspire adventure in you just as much as our Banner & Oak hats!

1. Live Edge Mounted Hat Rack

Live edge rack perfect for hat storage.

Sometimes wood designers incorporate the natural edge of wood into crafted surfaces. Sometimes it’s bark, sometimes it’s attractive cracks and grain designs. You may have seen this style of wood used as a kitchen countertop, coffee table, or even a shelf. 

With the right size piece, there’s no reason why you can’t make a rustic, outdoor-looking hat rack from a live edge slab of wood. All you need is the cut itself and the hooks of your choice. 

You can buy live edge wood at many DIY shops, find it second-hand on eBay or Craigslist, and even score some at a garage sale if you’re lucky. Most live edge wood is finished with polyurethane. If you happen to find a fresh, untreated piece, make sure to coat it up with some poly yourself. 

2. Tree Trunk Hat Stand 

Tree trunk hat stands are impeccable tools to add a sense of outdoorsiness to your home. They’re perfect for placing near the front door for easy access where they’ll always invite you back home with sweet gestures of natural feng shui. 

Many of these hat storage options are ready-made and come in a vast variety of types, shapes, sizes, and more. Some even have unique live edge-looks and wild-looking vine-like branches wrapping around them. 

As with anything, it’s entirely possible to create your own DIY tree trunk hat stand. It could be a bit challenging to find a dead trunk in the wild, but it’s possible. Another option is to collect thick, short (think stubby) branches and use them as hooks (by attaching them to a frame that you can fit on your wall). 

3. Ski or Sled Hat Rack

Vintage skis perfect for crafting into DIY hat racks.

This is a good hat storage option that can be either bought or made yourself. 

Instead of utilizing simple planks of wood, consider hanging a couple of wooden skis up with some hooks for your hats. This look is especially brilliant for cabin and mountain homes. 

Ever see old toboggans or sleds hanging around the walls of old or mountain homes? Well imagine attaching some hooks and making a fashionable hat rack out of that! It’s possible as well.

Final Thoughts on Hat Storage

Overall, creating a satisfying hat rack comes down to using your imagination. These are a few good ideas to get you started, especially if you’re looking for something with a natural touch - a component that Banner & Oak will strive for whatever the craft may be. 

Whether you go for the live edge look or the fashionable tree trunk rack, ensure you build/buy something you can imagine in your home for years to come. It’s there to transform the mundane task of grabbing and replacing hats into a charming ritual. Best of luck!