5 Fashionable Hats for Small Heads

5 Fashionable Hats for Small Heads

If you have a small head, you know how hard it can be to find hats for small heads. Most adult hats are at least 23 inches in diameter, but a small hat is between 21 and 22 inches. You shouldn’t have to settle for baggy hats that make your head look even smaller. Fortunately, Banner & Oak heard your cries. No more compromises. Here are 5 fashionable hats for small heads.

5 Fashionable Hats for Small Heads

Most Banner & Oak hats include adjustable features for a more comfortable fit. But not all hats are created equal; some fit snugger than others, making them excellent for small heads. Regardless of your gender, we've got you covered (literally). Check out these five fashionable hats for small heads.

1. The Trailhead Hat

Hit your favorite trail with the Banner & Oak Trailhead camo hat. The crown is low profile, making it perfect for adventurers with small heads. It's made with breathable, flexible twill and features a snapback closure for a custom fit. The semi-structured front panel protects your head from wily branches, and the camo design keeps you hidden in plain sight. You'll love the Trailhead hat so much you'll wear it everywhere. 

 2. The Trek Hat

The Banner & Oak Trek hat is perfect for long stretches through the alpine wilderness. The fitted low profile design makes it great for women or men with small heads. It's made with creamy soft twill that hugs your head for all-day comfort. The rounded bill, unstructured design, and adjustable tuck closure promise a comfortable fit for long treks. If you're searching for a traditional dad hat, look no further. The Trek hat comes in burgundy and black.

3. The Scrambler Hat

Scramble your way to the top with the Banner & Oak Scrambler hat. It's made with featherlight polyester and features a moisture-wicking sweatband, keeping you cool around the clock. With a low profile design and a snapback closure, it becomes one with your small head. The soft, foldable visor gives you the freedom to pack this baby anywhere without compromising shape. You'll forget you're even wearing the Scrambler hat, freeing your attention for the journey ahead. 

4. The Evergreen Hat

The Banner & Oak Evergreen hat is as indestructible as its namesake. Finally, a trucker hat for small heads. The tough material and structured front panels give you support and durability so you can explore with confidence. The breezy mesh back keeps your head cool all day long so that you can push yourself and crush those goals. With a mid crown and snapback closure, your head will feel right at home. It's so comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing it. The Evergreen hat is a high quality hat that's made in the USA.

5. The Eagle Hat

Soar like an eagle in the Banner & Oak Eagle hat. The solid construction and medium profile give your head protection from the elements without sacrificing comfort. It features an elegant patch to keep you in style through any activity. This combination of structure and comfort gives adventurers with small heads the freedom to focus on fun. The Evergreen hat is made in the USA and comes in navy blue and spruce green.

You no longer have to settle for less. With Banner & Oak, you can choose among several styles of fashionable hats for small heads: trucker hats, traditional hats, and dad hats for all-day comfort and style. Go forth, small-headed adventurer, and explore.