5 Uses for a Firebiner on Your Next Camping Adventure

5 Uses for a Firebiner on Your Next Camping Adventure

A firebiner is a carabiner (a coupling link used for carrying and sporting) that contains many camping and survival tools. The primary tool it’s sought for, as the name implies, is its fire starter. A firebiner such as our Banner & Oak Firebiner contains everspark technology, making it more user-friendly compared to other fire starters such as a flint and steel or even matches. 

Once you bring your firebiner out into the woods, you’ll never want to be without it again. Many campers, after experiencing the handiness of these compact utility tools, always keep them on hand whenever they are in the outdoors.

Anyways, you’re about to find out more precisely why firebiners are such revolutionary little gadgets. Enjoy these 5 uses (including starting fires) of a firebiner, as well as why we suggest you carry a firebiner out on your next camping adventure. 

Fire starter 

The many uses of the Outdoor Element Firebiner.

A fire starter is an important tool to have out on a camping adventure. While a simple lighter may seem intuitive at first, it can easily get lost in your pack. Campers love the clip-able accessibility of the firebiner which allows them to quickly grab it from a belt loop or backpack strap instead of having to sift around in their pack for a lighter.

The everspark wheel on our firebiner sends sparks flying and is intended to be used with kindling (think tinder quik, tissue, or jute) to get a good flame going before adding larger kindling and eventually wood. 

Hikers are advised to have back up gear at all times in case they get stuck in a storm or injure themselves in the backcountry. Although you may not pack a sleeping bag on every trip, I recommend keeping a firebiner clipped to your backpacking pack or day hiking pack at all times. Having a fire starter could be your best bet for getting clean boiled water or preventing hypothermia in a sticky situation.

Bottle Opener

Simple but fun, the firebiner has a bottle opener on it! We know what you’re all doing around the campfire (drinking!) at night. A firebiner bottle opener is convenient for good times around the fire, and it just feels cool to have one on hand when someone needs it.

Cutting Paracord, Fishing Line, and More

The banner and oak firebiner.

Our firebiner comes with a stainless steel safety blade—great for cutting fishing line, string, paracord and more.

Gone fishing? Hang your firebiner off of your belt loop or pack for instant access to the efficient safety blade. It’s nice to have direct access to such a tool while fishing, especially once you have a fish in your slimy hands.

The safety blade can also be used for cutting things around camp such as snack bags, firewood wrap, and other packages or containers. 

Emergency Screwdriver 

From prying open cans to reaching the battery compartments of flashlights, a screwdriver is an often forgotten yet necessary tool to have out in the woods.

Access to a small, handy screwdriver is another reason among many to always have a firebiner on you.


Many people like using their firebiner as a base to their key holder. Also, the firebiner is great for hanging off belt loops. Keep your essentials on a firebiner so it is also closeby and ready to use.