8 Hardy Outdoor Trucker Hats

8 Hardy Outdoor Trucker Hats

The trucker hat made a robust comeback in the early aughts that continues today. Trucker hats are an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of head size and gender. They have a breathable mesh back and structured front, making them durable, comfortable, and stylish during any outdoor activity. Check out these outdoor trucker hats for the perfect addition to your closet.

8 Best Outdoor Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are the most versatile hats out there. Given their comfortable design and stylish embellishments, they’re great for any activity. These eight outdoor trucker hats will be your favorite companion no matter what you’re doing.

1. The Eagle Hat

The Banner & Oak Eagle trucker hat makes a bold statement. This outdoor trucker hat sports an airy mesh back panel and snapback closure. The Eagle’s design demands attention and reverence, like its namesake. It sits comfortably on your head and features a stylish scout patch in complementary colors. The Eagle hat comes in spruce and navy and is made in the USA. 

2. The Nebo Hat

The Banner & Oak Nebo trucker hat is the perfect balance of function and fashion. It features a moisture-wicking sweatband and breezy mesh back for all-day comfort. The defining feature of the Nebo Leather hat is the vegan suede scout patch on the front panel. This outdoor trucker hat screams down-to-earth luxury. The Nebo hat comes in black, with the options of a black or a camo mesh back panel. 

3. The Evergreen Hat

The Banner & Oak Evergreen trucker hat is a stylish salute to the outdoors. The poly-cotton blend and mesh back give your head some breathing room. The Evergreen features an embroidered front panel with a contemporary design. This outdoor trucker hat is sure to be your new favorite with its subtle color palette and classic comfort. The Evergreen hat is made in the USA.

4. The Sierra Hat

The Banner & Oak Sierra trucker hat brings to mind the timeless beauty of the outdoors. This outdoor trucker hat with a mesh back and snapback closure guarantees a perfect fit from day one. The Sierra features a slick design and a cotton twill scout patch. The mountain scene on the front panel uses negative space to draw attention. The Sierra hat comes in gray and royal. It’s designed and made in the USA.

5. The Bighorn Hat

The Banner & Oak Bighorn trucker hat isn’t your granddad’s hat (and that’s a good thing). This hat features a clean, structured front panel with a vintage scout patch. The rugged mountain design is a loyal tribute to its namesake. With its mesh back and a snapback closure, this outdoor trucker hat is a great option for long days in the outdoors. The Bighorn comes in charcoal, orange, and khaki.

6. The Switchback Hat

The Banner & Oak Switchback trucker hat exudes modern youth. You can’t help but look great in this outdoor trucker hat. Made with cotton chino twill and a mesh back, you’ll want to wear this hat all the time. The embroidered scout patch on the front panel features two trendy outdoor designs—a tree or a cactus. The Switchback comes in gray and orange

7. The Yellowstone Hat

The Banner & Oak Yellowstone trucker hat is equal parts comfort, durability, and style. This hat features a structured front panel with an exquisite leather patch depicting a scene of Yellowstone National Park. It’s like having a postcard on your head. This outdoor trucker hat is made with sturdy cotton canvas and a mesh back, ensuring its longevity. For a similar design, check out the Yosemite trucker hat.

8. The Home Free Hat

The Banner & Oak Home Free trucker hat is as classic as they come. This outdoor trucker hat is made with durable cotton canvas, with a mesh back and a moisture-wicking sweatband. The front panel features an understated embroidered circle scout patch. The classic design of this hat will garner the right kind of attention. 

Whether you’re exploring the mountains or just hard at work, these outdoor trucker hats exemplify comfort and style.