Low Profile Hats: What They Are and Why You Need One

Low Profile Hats: What They Are and Why You Need One

So first off, what is a low profile hat? Low profile hats are the latest improvement to the standard baseball cap. A low profile hat means the crown (where the cap meets the top of the head) is lower and fits more snuggly to your head.

This may seem like a minor feature, but unless you want to pull your cap down below your ears a lower profile is the perfect fit for most of us.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Low Profile Hat 


1. The Design Rocks 

The design solves a lot of problems for those with smaller heads, (looking at you, ladies) and those who want a lighter weight hat for packing or storing.

With a lower crown and slightly curved brim, the low profile hats don't need much adjusting. If you want to break it in and mold it to your head, a spritz of water and some heat (steam, for example) can be applied before wearing it.

2. They Are Stylish and Comfortable 

Hat companies have gotten serious about looks, style and color and most low profile hats are more stylish than the standard truck stop or department store hat. The newest standard features on low profile hats include solid panel construction to enhance durability, five-panels design for more give in the shape and fit, and cotton twill fabric. With ladies hats, the fit is much improved so you won’t struggle with adjusting a too-roomy cap that otherwise has great potential!

Check out our low profile Trailhead Camo hat. 

3. They Are Great for Smaller Heads (Lookin' at you, ladies!)

Finally, we now have hats made for smaller heads—no more searching around for that perfect extra small or small sized trucker hat.

A great hat, whether low profile or not, will always include an adjustable closure, whether molded plastic or the higher class silver adjustable tuck closure system. When searching for the perfect low profile hat, consider how it will fit and make sure it’s a closure system that will enhance the fit rather than detract from it.

Check out our Scambler hat in navy. 

Are you always wearing just one of your hats? It’s probably because the others don’t fit quite right. A low profile hat feels more secure, and adjusts to the ultimate snug feel. Take a look at the huge variety of designs for any activity where keeping away the sun glare. A new galaxy of form fitting and stylish everyday hats has arrived.