The Best Beginner Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

The Best Beginner Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park offers hikers and campers a plethora of incredible outdoor scenery. 

Teton National Park hikes within park boundaries usually take you to a lake or pond, a vista looking out into the majestic Teton mountains, a cultural site (such as an old ranch) or a canyon.

The Tetons are a unique mountain range with iconic jagged and snow-capped peaks. These mountains are the perfect backdrop for hikes of any distance. These Teton National Park hikes showcase the park's stunning mountain vistas

The Best Beginner Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Inspiration Point

A great place to start your Teton hiking adventure is at the aptly named Inspiration Point. This fantastic and brief jaunt offers a view of nearby Jackson Hole, the Teton Range itself, and famous Cascade Canyon and is only a 2-4 hour walk with the option of a park shuttle.

Whether you drive or take the shuttle, bring a few necessary hiking items with you for safety. This is a dry area so bring extra water or a filter.

Also bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a brimmed hat (we prefer snapback trucker hats or ladies hats) to prevent sunburns and glare. Since this is mountain country, a rain jacket as thunderstorms can arrive quickly. 

Marion Lake 

Marion Lake is strenuous 13.4-mile loop that is low trafficked. The trail leads into Granite Canyon and includes wildflowers from early summer to early fall.

As with all US National Parks, planning ahead is critical as the summer here is short and the Tetons are popular with climbers, kayakers, campers and hikers. 


Teton National Park also has its share of wildlife and hikers should be aware that bears can appear on trails. The ranger station posts warnings, and trailheads include updates on bear activity.

Taking bear spray is a sensible precaution. It is wise to check the park service website about wildlife activity as you plan your Teton trip.

If you need a hat for your visit, we recommend this limited edition Grand Teton Olive meshback hat - it's perfect for all of your outdoor adventures.