These Might Be the Best Mens Trucker Hats of 2020—Here’s Why

These Might Be the Best Mens Trucker Hats of 2020—Here’s Why

We believe our trucker hats deserve some time in the limelight. As many of our buyers know, we are experts in headwear—and this includes our unique trucker hats. It’s time to explore why, in 2020, one of these hats from Banner and Oak is a favorable choice for exploring the outdoors or for casual day-to-day wear. 

Our Mens Trucker Hats Embody What Banner and Oak Stands For

We are dedicated to our passion for the great outdoors, and this shows in our hats. Banner and Oak was born and bred in the mountain passes of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. Our brand is inspired by our team’s love for the hidden gems we find just outside our backdoors every day. Thus, our purpose has become to discover the natural, hidden gems, wherever we are. This incentive is the reason we often name and design our hats after real-life, explorable, outdoor places! This brings us to our next point.


Our Mens Trucker Hats Are Named and Designed After Real Places

Each hat holds a special connection to a place given its design, name, and inspiration for creation. For example, our Bighorn mens trucker hats pay tribute to the peaks and valleys of Northern Wyoming. The patch on the hat displays these peaks and valleys, representing the copious amounts of backcountry exploration available in the region. The area also contains some of the most scenic byways around. Finally, as with many of our hats, the slogan “freedom to explore” is added to the patch to remind our wearers and their nearby acquaintances of something core to the Banner and Oak brand: it is our natural right to explore the woodlands of our backyards!


Our Mens Trucker Hats Are Unbeatable in Style and Design

A big perk of our mens trucker hats is their versatility in style and design. Our hats contain a woven label scout patch, mesh back panel construction, a snapback closure, six-panel, mid-crown shape, structured front panels, 100% cotton chino twill fabric, and a Banner & Oak woven label on the back arch. We’re pretty big on style, yes, but we also place a large emphasis on comfort, durability, and even sizing. Our sizing range means that our trucker hats can be worn by ALL men despite the size and shape variations of all the noggins out there. Finally, we’ll mention that our hats come in a variety of colors. For example, our Nebo hat, one of our hiking trucker hats,  is most popularly bought in our camo color, but is also available in a charming olive color as well. Our color offerings make available a diverse set of hats fitting to our explorer’s taste and preferences.


When Purchasing Our Mens Trucker Hats...

You’re supporting our cause to expand the world’s adoration for wildness. Whether it be hiking, climbing, trail-running, or even a short frolic in your nearby local park—we believe the world could use more time embracing where we all came from: the nature that is local to our lives.