Tread Lightly: How to Discover Nature Without Destroying It

Tread Lightly: How to Discover Nature Without Destroying It

By: Audrey Van Huff


When I shared my last blog post about Plumas County, I received some feedback that I should discuss how added tourism to natural spaces can damage them. Unfortunately, this is true; Banner & Oak touched on this earlier this year in the article following the government shutdown.

Wherever we go, our actions have an impact on the environment. We all grew up with our parents and teachers encouraging us to leave a place better than you found it. I urge you to live by this wherever you go. It’s important for us to preserve our National Parks and other landmarks, so future generations can enjoy them just as we do and all those who came before us.

Here in Plumas County, two of our biggest issues are trash and fire. Sadly, I’m sure we’re not alone in this. Every time I go out in the woods I am absolutely appalled by the amount of garbage and debris I come across. From small things littered out car windows like cans and napkins to larger pieces people have dumped there like tires and furniture.

When you are out camping or hiking, please remember to bring a spare bag for your trash, and the garbage you will inevitably come across. And seriously, it should go without saying, but please take your worn-out furniture and car parts to an appropriate dump site.

Plumas County is prone to devastating fires in the summer months. Fires that destroy forests, habitats, homes, and sometimes even lives. Fires which could easily have been avoided. Most are caused by runaway debris or unattended campfires. Always have someone tending to your campsite’s fire. If your whole group goes on a hike or fishing trip, it’s so important that you put the fire out first.

Wherever your adventures may take you, always remember to respect the place you are in and leave it better than you found it. Take care of the land just as it takes care of you. Tread lightly, everyone.

*All photos were submitted by the writer unless otherwise noted.