What is a Trucker Hat and Why Should I Own One?

What is a Trucker Hat and Why Should I Own One?

So what is a trucker hat? Sometimes referred to as a “gimme cap” or a “feed cap,” trucker hats are a type of mesh cap invented in rural areas. 

Though nowadays many people decide to wear trucker hats for stylistic reasons, the trucker hat also has utility purposes. Let’s check out some history of the trucker hat as well as their uses. Then we’ll compare the trucker hat to other types of hats. 

History of Trucker Hats

Trucker hats came on the scene in the 1960s in rural farming areas. The hats were often made by agricultural supply companies and handed out for free to rural workers to keep them out of the sun. Farmers and truckers alike took a liking to the original design: a foam front for absorbing sweat, a breathable mesh backside, and a wide bill for keeping the sun off the face. 

Fast forward to the 2000s and we see trucker hats being worn stylistically rather than merely for the sake of utility and convenience. Conventionally, trucker hats were labelled by some of the pioneers of these hats such as John Deere. Today, we’re seeing trucker hats produced in various niches. From musicians and sporting teams to outdoor recreation companies and skateboarding brands—there’s currently plenty on offer in the trucker hat industry.

Why Buy a Trucker Hat?

Trucker hats are technically a type of baseball hat, but they do so much more for your head! Trucker hats contain snap closure options for a one-size-fits-all fit. Many baseball hats contain velcro or stretch fit fabric that may not prove as reliable. They contain the back mesh that’s ultra breathable and perfect for a hot day. Overall, a mesh trucker hat will keep you much cooler. 

Some of Our Trucker Hats

Banner and Oak has always made trucker hats a staple of our brand. We are dedicated to celebrating your passion for the outdoors, thus we create ideal hats for experiencing different outdoor activities and conditions. Through our hats and various designs, we hope to inspire you to discover your local outdoor nature spots! 

Here are some of our popular trucker hats:

Sierra Trucker Hat

Sierra Gray Trucker hat.

Our Sierra trucker hat is all about the freedom to explore. According to our designer, this hat is for those who love a good mountain scene. Ultimately, this hat was inspired by a hiking journey through the Sierra Nevada hiking range.

Here are some important specs on this trucker hat: 

  • Flat Embroidered Cotton Twill  Scout Patch
  • Solid Back Panel Construction
  • Snapback Closure
  • Mid-Crown
  • Saxtwill Fabric - 65% Poly/35% Cotton
  • B&O Side Hit
  • USA Made

Smoky Mountains Trucker Hat

Smoky Mountains trucker hat

The Smoky Mountains hat is all about the ancient mountains of Smoky Mountain National Park as well as the Southern Appalachian mountain culture. The National Park, one of the most widely visited, includes an abundance of wildlife, old-growth forests, and plenty of activities. It would’ve been a disservice to these extraordinary lands to not make a hat after them. 

Here are some specs for our Smoky Mountains cap:

  • Etched Leather Front Patch
  • Meshback Panel Construction
  • Snapback Closure
  • Six-Panel, Mid-Crown Shape
  • Structured Front Panels
  • Moisture Wicking Sweatband
  • 100% Organic Cotton Canvas Fabric, Mesh Back is 100% Polyester
  • Banner & Oak Woven Label on Back Arch

Pike Trucker HatPike Maroon trucker hat.

Finally, we want to give a solid mention to our stylish Pike hats, available in the earthy colors of charcoal, maroon, and olive. Our designer explains that the leather patch on these hats beautifies with age and exposure to the elements. The hat is named after Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains. This hat is for adventurous hikers who wish to explore at any elevation and in any weather condition. 

Specs for the Pike trucker hat:

  • American Debossed Leather Patch
  • Saxtwill Front Panel/ Mesh Back Construction
  • Snapback Closure
  • Mid-Crown
  • Saxtwill Fabric – 65% Poly/35% Cotton, Mesh back is 100% Polyester
  • B&O Side Hit
  • USA Made