Why Trucker Hats Should Be Your Go-To Hat for Exploring

Why Trucker Hats Should Be Your Go-To Hat for Exploring

Hats come in so many shapes and styles, it’s not easy keeping them straight.

So, what is a trucker hat anyway? From the 1930s-1960s, truckers were given caps that bore the logo of the haulage company they worked for. In the 1970s, they were given away by companies to advertise their business. Trucker hats differ from baseball hats because instead of being made of cotton fabric like baseball caps are, the front section of a trucker hat above the bill is foam, and the back of the hate is mesh to provide breathability. 

What is a Trucker Hat For An Outdoors Adventurer?

Trucker hats are perhaps the most versatile type of outdoor hats because they are lightweight, easily adjustable, and provide plenty of sun protection. They also provide some cover from rain. Check out our hiking trucker hats

The other big plus with trucker style hats is being able to get the perfect fit. Trucker hats often include either an adjustable snap back  or adjustable clasp. 

What is a Trucker Hat Used for These Days?

Increasingly, hikers are turning to the trucker hat style. They are well made with quality fabrics and clasps are often metal and durable. Perhaps the biggest progress in working man’s hats is the sheer variety, from favorite logos to minimalist designs.

Hiking trucker hats are here to stay, and despite costing a bit more than the typical giveaway baseball cap, these hats are the way to go for outdoor adventure.