Explore The Best of The East Coast with This Northeast Road Trip Guide

Explore The Best of The East Coast with This Northeast Road Trip Guide

Planning a road trip through the northeast part of the country? Wherever you’re thinking of visiting, we’ve got you covered. This guide offers some top tips for a handful of places to discover on your journey.  Whether you’re searching for hiking trails, high-quality food & drinks, or diverse cultural experiences—the northeast part of the USA has something for everyone.

Sharon, Vermont

East Coast Road Trip Guide - Sharon Vermont

Nestled in among several thousand acres of state forest, the picturesque town of Sharon is well worth the quick exit off the interstate for a visit. Best of all is its proximity to the banks of the White River, one of Vermont’s most exciting and unfettered natural wonders. The wildlife in this area is notably abundant and diverse, offering plenty of opportunities for photography.

If you’re a fan of fly-fishing, this is a great spot to try out some freshwater angling of your own. If you’re in a more contemplative mood, take a brief walk to the nearby spot where legendary painter Edward Hopper sketched out a portrait of a golden fall’s day on the banks over 80 years ago, in his White River at Sharon painting.


Hanover, New Hampshire

Northeast Road Trip Guide and Hanover, NH

Just over 19 miles southeast of Sharon is the leafy college town of Hanover, New Hampshire. This place is the perfect base for some great day-hikes: The Velvet Rocks trail is a relatively easy walk through rugged terrain that starts from Dartmouth College Green at the center of the town.

Meanwhile, the nearby Moose Mountain trail brings you to the top of a 2,300-foot peak with wonderful views of the surrounding valleys and famous New Hampshire forest. Remember to treat the area with respect along the way.


Portland, Maine

Northeast road trip guide - Portland Maine

Head southeast from Hanover to I-95 and stopover in Portland, Maine. Here, you can spend a few days of restful rejuvenation in a city famous for its high-quality food, drinks, and art scene. For a top-notch Belgian-based ale, head to the Allagash Brewing Company along Industrial Way. In fact, Portland is one of the best spots to try out multiple microbrewing companies: Shipyard, Rising Tide, Oxbow, and Lone Pine all call Portland home.

If you fancy some no-thrills, delicious local seafood, get a lobster roll from the famous Bite Into Maine food truck at the brewery. If you're craving more of a culinary experience, head on down to Dimillo’s on the Water for some fresh, lovingly-prepared local produce in a floating restaurant by the Long Wharf.


Boston, Massachusetts

Northeast Road Trip Guide - Boston, MA

A heady architectural mix between Old-World, European-style buildings and modern American design, Boston is a must-see city. If you prefer something a bit quieter and more affordable than the touristy Harvard Square, head up to Inman Square, with its eclectic mix of independent restaurants and bars.

Downtown, the old, cobbled streets of Beacon Hill and the modern, minimalist Institute of Contemporary Art are both well worth a visit. Finally, head over to Jamaica Plain to visit the original J.P. Licks ice cream parlor. A Boston institution, the wicked thick frappes are delicious and satisfying.

Lastly—if you’re unable to get away at the moment, for whatever reason, check out some of our virtual backgrounds to keep you dreaming until your next real-life adventure!